Amy V Miller

Taking You Beyond Your Mind.

Helping Transport You From One State To Another.
Supporting You To Create Positive Change In Your Business and Life.

Hi I’m Amy,

I specialise in delivering messages, sharing loving insights and providing supportive space to help shift awareness and empower you to make positive change in your business and life.

I’m passionate about creating a life that works in alignment with heart and soul. I'm particularly interested in bringing to life ideas, projects, businesses and new ways of being. Bringing that 'spark' alive.

I explore the concepts of this via intuitive writing and share what I discover in my Beyond The Mind Notes.

Beyond The Mind Is Where The Magic Is


Loving support to help you navigate change with more ease and grace.

Create from your Heart.


Gentle nudges to identify where you’re out of balance and help bring you into alignment.

Balance Heart and Mind.


Lightbulb moments of truth to help you shift perspective and make empowered choices.

Go Beyond The Mind.

You may find it useful here if you're: 

  • > Creating something - a project, website, artform.
  • > Starting/running a business.
  • > Rebirthing yourself - going through a big transformation.
  • > Discovering that how you used to do things isn’t working anymore - old rules don’t apply.
  • > Interested in living and expressing your truth.
  • > Desiring to rebel against what everyone else is doing - create a life that works for you.
  • > Feeling to make a change and looking for support, inspiration, encouragement to do so.
  • > Wishing to open up to forces beyond the mind - go past limitations, resistance, old thoughts and beliefs.

Beyond The Mind Notes

Allow your intuition to guide you. Scroll left or right + click on the image you FEEL most drawn to....

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